Trident Group, L.L.C. is a small, highly-specialized corporate risk management company with offices in Moscow, Russia and Arlington, Virginia.

The group provides services for American and European companies doing business in Russia.

Trident relies on a widespread network of strategic partners in Russia, the United States and Europe.

Trident Group is a member of the Washington-based U.S. Russia Business Council and member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (Security Committee).

Trident has established itself in Russia as a recognized expert in such areas as:

  • Due diligence,

  • Risk assessment and risk management,

  • Conflict prevention and conflict resolution,

  • Business intelligence and special inquiries,

  • Corporate security,

  • Asset protection and asset search,

  • Executive protection,

  • Monitoring services,

  • Litigation support.




Member U.S.-Russia Business Council.

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